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Opening up this page with "Hello Again"a song from the Jazz Singer, will hopefully impress you as to Danny's accuracy with Neil Diamond's voice. One of the tracks below, is not that often performed these days, it is the title track of one of the best live albums ever, recorded in 1972 .... Brother Loves Travelling Salvation Show.... !

A bit of trivia for you now.... Cracklin Rosie is not a girl called Rosie! But is actually about a bottle of wine ! Home brew in fact and popular with a Canadian Indian tribe; listen this time with that in mind and so many of the lyrics will make more sense.
So when you have finished listening to this track, open up the other ones, listen and..... Enjoy !

Hello Again

Brother Loves Travelling Salvation

Forever in Blue jeans


Live at Capitol Square, Witham singing Desiree and Sweet Caroline

Live at Capitol Square,Witham.. Singing America and Cracklin Rosie

Live at Crofters, Witham

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